These are some reliable websites that J. A. Russo Enterprises, Inc. has found
useful in research and analysis.  We recommend their use to those interested in
finding good investments or cities in which to live.
The Internet is an essential resource, but trying to find those great sites can be a
frustrating experience. To save you time, we've compiled a list of Websites sites
that might be of interest to you.

City Rating
Here you can find crime and weather statistics on US cities.

Employment and Labor Force Information
Here you will find employment and labor force statistics on almost any US city.

Various Facts US Cities
This site is very useful to gain various facts and historical information about any
place in the world.

Property Taxes
Find the property tax of all medium to large cities within the US.

Quick Facts
This census bureau offers facts and figures about cities within the US.  These
statistics are very reliable.

Real Estate News
Current Real Estate News on MSN.Com
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